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Fitness, Health, Healing - Stay Fit, Health, and Wise. is a website primarily engaged in providing fitness tips, health guides and healing enlightenment for a more informed, healthier and happier life.

On this website, we will provide you with information that is vital to the integrity of your body, health, and well-being. Perhaps there are no more important topics in the history of all civilization than these: Fitness, Health, and Healing. We may use various synonyms to label these topics. But, to a lesser or larger extent, the words we used to describe these topics all carry the same or similar meanings.

To describe Fitness, as relates to appearances, we may use words or phrases such as "top shape," "slim and trim," "beach body," "well-toned," "well-built," "great physique," "six-pack abs" "muscular" and so on.

We may also view fitness in terms of strength, stamina, and endurance; speed, agility, flexibility etc. None of these words fully capture the meaning of the term fitness in its entirety, however. They are all one or more aspects of fitness but do not quite describe what I meant by fitness. More about this later...

We can draw a similar analogy about the term "Health," and in a sense, fitness is a component of health. Other terms that we may use to describe health include, medical condition, physical and or mental state, medical status, robustness, well-being, wellness, blessings etc. Again, they all describe one or more aspects of health but have not captured the full meaning of the term in all its entirety.

Healing is a different kind of concept, like fitness and health; it is also a noun labeling a mental and or physical state. It is, however, an action noun or a gerund describing a state of becoming whole. It is a holistic concept encompassing both fitness and health in an intricate and interconnected way.

For all I know, it may well be the first time that anyone ever said this or make the connection; but in spiritual, mental and physical health, It is apparent to me, at least, that healing plays a similar role as cognition in psychotherapy.

My argument is that Fitness does not lead to good health. Fitness leads to Healing and then Healing leads to good health.

Good health could also lead to motivation to perform fitness activities and fitness activities, in turn, leads to more healing which leads to better health and the circle is closed.

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